United States Military Academy – West Point


Phone: 845-938-3943

Website: http://www.usma.edu/SitePages/Home.aspx

School Overview

The United States Military Academy was founded back in 1802. The campus is located about 50 miles north of New York and along the Hudson River banks. In addition to being one of the oldest military schools in the nation, this school is also known for its remarkable sports facilities and academic excellence. The military academy has been nurturing cadets to live honorably with integrity as the United States Army officers for over 2 centuries.

The United States Military Academy has a mission to educate, train as well as inspire cadets to graduate as commissioned leaders and ones dedicated to the core values of duty, honor, country as well as unswerving service to the country. The military school offers a 4 year education with special focus on leadership development. If you want your child to develop the best character, one that is incorruptible, then enrolling him in this military school could be the best thing you would ever do.

What to Expect

United States Military Academy will nurture your son’s character so that he lives honorably. The military academy will further prepare your child for service to the country with uncompromising integrity. The academic, military, and physical programs of this school are remarkable in every aspect.

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