ULTIMATE OFFICER CANDIDATE SCHOOL GUIDEBOOK: What You Need to Know to Succeed at Federal and State OCS

Book Author: Ryan Pierce

Book Author’s Bio:  Ryan Pierce is a Captain in the United States Army. Captain Pierce has served in the US Army since 2003, when he enlisted at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Captain Pierce served in Iraq and enrolled in the Alabama Military Academy Officer Candidate School. He has completed many specialized courses in the US Army, including Chemical Officer Basic Course, Unit Movement Operators Course, Total Army Training Instructors Course, and TAC Officer Qualification Course.

Year Published: 2011

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Book Summary:

Ultimate Officer Candidate School Guidebook: What You Need to Know to Succeed at Federal and State OCS is a practical guide for previous military and civilian citizens who wish to become a leader in the Army, Army Reserves, or Army National Guard. The book outlines the steps necessary to enter, complete, and succeed in Officer Candidate School, including college education, GT scores, and fitness training.

Book Review:

Those who are currently enrolled in Officer Candidate School, or those who hope to enroll in OCS in the future, will benefit greatly from the Ultimate Officer Candidate School Guidebook. Captain Pierce provides an easy-to-read, well-written guide that provides insightful and important information about the OCS process. Captain Pierce also addresses officer requirements, physical training guidelines, and strategies for success. The Ultimate Officer Candidate School Guidebook is a must-read for anyone who wishes to be a leader in the US Army.

Book Reviewer’s Bio: Megan Selin is a freelance writer and literary enthusiast who resides in upstate New York with her husband and three children. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University at Albany and enjoys baking, yoga, and spending time outdoors.

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