The Low-Down on Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC)

The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, abbreviated as JROTC, is a program supported by the US Army in all high schools in the US. This federal program aims at motivating young people to be the best citizens they can be. The vision of the program is to provide quality citizenship, leadership and character to students. The program also aims at cultivating partnerships with various communities and schools and hence the need to incorporate it into high schools. There are almost 40,000 cadets in any given year in the over 3000 schools in the US. The program prepares high school students who want to join the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps or Navy in the future. Additionally, it provides the students with skills that they will need even if they do not join the US Army.

Military officers with over twenty year’s experience who have retired teach the program. The curriculum includes, among other things, marksmanship skills, community service, color guard, drill team competitions as well as presenting the national flag during school events. One of the biggest advantages of joining the JROTC program is that it does not oblige the students to join the military. It just broadens their horizons and helps them achieve their career dreams, regardless of what they are. Contrary to what people believe, it is not a military recruitment program. However, it gives the student everything the need to know so that they can make an informed decision regarding joining the military.

The program runs for four years along with regular high school. On completion, students proceed to get college educations and choose their career path. However, students who enroll in the program during high school are eligible for career jumps and ranks in the future as the program will recommend them in their jobs. However, that should not be the only reason for joining the Junior ROTC. Some of the main reasons should be the desire to become a good citizen. The program focuses its curriculum on ensuring that students learn all the principles of good citizenship.

In addition, students develop leadership skills and learn to work effectively with other people. They are better able to use logic to solve problems and have a better communication skill, both in writing and orally. JROTC students are also able to appreciate the importance of exercise is good health maintenance as well as understanding the importance of a high school education. They learn the consequences of not graduating and they broaden their perspective in terms of their future career opportunities. Therefore, the JROTC program offers high school students with skills that they would never acquire anywhere else and ensures that they become good and productive citizens.

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