The History, Admissions, and Continued Excellence of Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy: A Private Boarding School

Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy is located in Camden, South Carolina. They accept male applicants looking to enroll in grades seven through twelve, although post-grad studies are available to qualified applicants. Originally known as Camden Academy, was founded by James Risher in 1950. Since 1974, Camden has successfully functioned as a non-profit, tax-exempt private military academy.

More About Camden

Camden Military Academy usually enrolls around 300 students in any given year. Tuition rates at are somewhat, but not prohibitively, steep at around $20,000 per academic year. Camden is an all-boys institution, and Camden's main emphasis is on grades seven to twelve. Camden's campus sits on 40 acres of property; the average ACT score of enrolled students is an above average 24/36, thanks in part to Camden's helpful student to teacher ratio, which is 7:1 or better. Classes are kept relatively cozy at, with class sizes of around 17 students. (1)

Philosophy of Camden

The administrators humanistically stress the development of the "whole man." (1) In other words, Camden teachers look to arouse the intellectual, social, emotional, and psychological potential of every budding young adult enrolled at Camden. furthermore, they bolsters its reputation by facilitating the self-confidence and leadership potential of all young men invested in Camden's care. (2) As the official military academy of South Carolina, there are many facets that Camden's administrators take into consideration before accepting young men into their tutelage.

Admissions and Expectations

Camden Military Academy features rolling, fall admission as well as summer programs and open houses. The website emphasizes that Camden is not a reform school. (2) Rather, The college is a preparatory institution for qualified young men seeking to enrich their hearts and minds. Camden says that its typical, successful applicant is serious academically and willing to be stretched for further academic and real world trials.

Budding Young Hearts and Minds

Camden Military Academy's official website emphasizes the need for potential applicants to be sincere in word and deed. Parents are advised to seek Camden even if their sons are shiftless, poor time managers or underachievers. Camden's call to arms bespeaks its tireless dedication to excellence and its confidence in molding recidivist youngsters into tomorrow's leaders and decision makers. Interestingly, Camden accommodates learning disabilities and ADHD. Special accommodations are made for students struggling academically or socially to assimilate themselves to a more rigorous lifestyle. Camden teaches young adults to take responsibility for themselves and their communities.

Broader Message of Camden

Camden Military Academy stresses its commitment to a higher calling. Camden, according to its website, offers a high quality education married to the principles of military conduct. In the latter vein, discipline, selflessness and leadership are highly prized qualities in applicants and veteran students. Camden specifically separates itself from what many applicants and parents may be expecting: Camden, in its own words, is not a bootcamp. So, more explicitly, what does Camden offer incoming students in the way of physicality?

Camden Enriches the Whole Man

Camden Military Academy treats physical development and somatic fitness very seriously.  Mandatory morning physical fitness is as routine as morning or afternoon communal meals. In lieu of mandatory morning physical fitness, some mornings students may be asked to adroitly perform certain drills and military rituals. The physical development of Camden's students does not end with physical education, however. The Academy offers 13 different interscholastic sports and intramural activities for all students ready to accept a challenge! (3) The Academy offers traditional sports, such as golf and bowling, alongside more specialized pursuits, such as marksmanship and drill team activities.

At Ease

In Camden's own words, the military program is one of the more fruitful aspects of one's tenure at Camden. The Core of Cadets are assorted into four companies. For literary aficionados, the Core of Cadets may resemble the four houses in Rowling's "Harry Potter" fictional universe! At any rate, incoming and current cadets will find themselves in communal housing based on one of four assigned companies. An assistant commandant is assigned to each of the four companies. The assistant commandant ensures progress, conduct, and steady evolution in every cadet under his control. (3)

Military Training

The idea behind military training at Camden Military Academy is to foster a sense of self-discipline and fastidiousness. Incoming candidates should be expected to selflessly carry out their duties and display love for their country. Ideally, cadets learn to take responsibility for themselves, their company, and their overarching country. The development of cadets is rewarded with increased leadership responsibility. Camden  is designed to function as a Junior Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, which is considered an Army Unit with Distinction by the US Army!

Excellence in the Field and Classroom

Aside from these leadership and self-development competencies, Camden prides itself on its ability to hasten the blossoming of young minds. Students enrolled in grades 7 through 12 must acquire 24 units prior to graduation.(4) These 24 units come from an array of academic disciplines: science; math; English, science labs, modern language, and history. Qualified students may also require computer literacy and JROTC courses before graduation. For academically robust applicants, college courses may be an option in addition to regular academic credits (dual enrollment). All of Camden's classes, though, are kept small (i.e., approximately 17 students or fewer).

Closing Arguments and Caveats

Camden Military Academy is as intensive academically as it is socially and physically demanding. There are ample safety nets, however. If a student at reports substandard scores for two consecutive weeks, a teacher steps in immediately in the role of tutor. Study groups, in addition, are mandatory and conducted every weekday. The library at Camden is always open and available to students looking to bolster their academic functioning.

Camden Military Academy is not a boot camp; Camden is a place that responsible parents seek to enhance the academic, social, physical, and psychological health of their young sons. The Academy is an all-male institution, which has received glowing reviews and full accreditation. Parents rave that Camden gave their sons the tools to effectively operate and even excel in post-graduate studies and beyond!

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