The Differences Between Teen Boot Camp, Boarding School, and Military School

Parents tend to choose institutions that offer boarding for their children, depending on the needs and requirements of each child. These institutions have certain similarities, among which you can find:

  • Teenagers need to sleep in dorms at the institution’s campus for the duration of their classes.
  • They usually perceive a tuition fee for access.
  • They hire only experienced professionals to deal with the teens.
  • The kids are offered the chance of developing long lasting friendships, being surrounded by similar people.

Aside for these many similarities, there are also a lot of important differences between these types of institutions. These differences are the ones that will separate the institutions according to the child’s needs.

In the next paragraphs, the differences between the institutions of this type will be addressed. More accurately, the things that make each of these institutions unique are the ones that will be mentioned, thus understanding more clearly the exact differences between them.

Boarding School

All teens wish to get into a great boarding school, because here they will be offered some of the best opportunities for their future. One of the greatest benefits received by teens attending boot camps is that they can be taught by the best teachers in the world and they get to learn alongside real geniuses. Even if boarding schools are focused on discipline, they are nothing compared to the other two types of institutions.

Military School

These schools are very important for the kids that wish to have a career in the army, because they offer them a jump start for their future. All the teens that attend a military school will be taught about the importance of discipline and thus, many parents send their rebellious teens to these types of schools to correct some of their behavior problems. All teens that join a military school will be taught how to love their country above anything else, because they are groomed for a military career and patriotism is extremely important. Some of these schools will require from their graduates a mandatory five year military service period, after which they are permitted to leave the army if they desire.

Teen Boot Camps

Most of the teens that are enrolled in boot camps have serious problems, which can only be solved by specialized help. Even if the other types of schools that are considered are focused on discipline (especially the military school, which has very strict rules and regulations for their students), boot camps, aside from creating a very strict and disciplined environment, offer specialized assistance for the teens suffering from serious problems, like:

  • Abandonment issues
  • Running away from home
  • Depression
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Obesity
  • Anorexia
  • Drug and alcohol abuse

The thing that differentiates boot camps from all other institutions is the fact that they offer help to the teenagers that suffer from the most serious problems, and their main goal is the mental and physical health of the students and not their academic performances.

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