The Citadel

Location: 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC 29409

Phone: 843-953-7283


School Overview

The Citadel was founded back in 1842. It operates as a coed college that is located in Charleston in South Carolina. In this military school, the students are required to participate in the ROTC program. However, upon graduation after the four year course, the students are not required to enroll in military service. All in all, most of the graduates become commissioned military officers.

The Citadel has five schools for the students to choose from; School of Education, School of Business Administration, School of Humanities & Social Science, School of Engineering and the School of Mathematics & Science.

In addition to academics, the students in this military school learn about the military warfare, weaponry and leadership. Until their sophomore year, all freshmen must shave their heads. Moreover, students who steal or cheat in class are excelled immediately. The ROTC helps the students learn leadership and team work.

What to Expect

Students are required to live on campus throughout the four year course. The education of The Citadel is based on military, physical, academic and ethics. All graduates get a Bachelor of Arts. Students that excel in academic achievement can enroll in the Honor Program. During the day, all students must wear military uniforms. The students are restricted within the campus all week and allow special privileges over the weekend.

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