The Chamberlain-Hunt Academy

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Location: 124 McComb Ave, Port Gibson, MS Claiborne, 39150

Phone: 601-437-4291


School Overview

The Chamberlain-Hunt Academy is one of the oldest college preparatory schools in the entire south. It was founded back in the 1830s, but was closed during the civil war. The school was re-founded under its current name in 1879. It was recognized under new ownership in the year 1996.

Chamberlain-Hunt Academy makes the list of military schools in the US because it is a member of the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States, also referred to as AMCSUS. This is a coed college prep school. It has a First Presbyterian Church Christian affiliation. Currently, the school serves kids in grades 7 to 12. The average class size is 5.

In addition to upholding the ideals of a military school, the Chamberlain-Hunt Academy offers a range of activities. They include soccer, cross-country, golf, tennis, track and basketball. As of 2013, the school had an average ACT score of 25.

What to Expect

In Chamberlain-Hunt Academy, students are taught how to be respectable and dependable members of the community. This is done both through academics and activities. The military ideals are upheld on a daily basis.

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