St. Catherine’s Academy - A Catholic Military School

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Location: N, Harbor Blvd. Anaheim California 92805

Phone: 714-772-1363


School Overview

St. Catherine’s Academy is a catholic military school that was founded in 1889. The school serves kids in grades K to 8 with a challenging academic program. With a student to teacher ratio of 10:1, you can expect the most personalized support that guarantees academic excellence in every student. The school campus is located in Anaheim, California and covers 8 acres.

In spite of St. Catherine’s Academy being a military school, it excels academically. It is accredited and adheres to the standards set forward by the State of California and the Diocese of Orange. The school takes pride in its computer technology, and advanced science and math and music programs. The military tradition begins for the students in 3rd grade. It does not matter whether you are interested in a day or boarding session, St. Catherine’s Academy has it all covered. The combination of military ethics and Christian ideals helps bring out the best in your kid.

What to Expect

St. Catherine’s Academy is known for excelling in academics, music and athletics. The school offers the best facilities and the most experienced staffs. Your child will be more responsible and increase his chance of getting in the best colleges in the nation.

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