Services Leadership Programs

Location: 501 West 35th Street, Chicago, Il 60616

Phone: 773-535-1955


Services Leadership Programs is a public military school located in Chicago. The school has the largest JROTC program in the country in both total number of programs and cadets. It also offers a range of educational opportunities to students. These include:

  • Military academy high schools
  • Military academies within a school
  • High school JROTC programs
  • Middle school cadet corps programs

The primary focus of Services Leadership Programs is to develop students that are full of potential for their post secondary education and also to be resourceful and respectful citizens. The school achieves this by delivering meaningful and personalized instructions. The faculty is made up of military instructors. Competitive and non-competitive events are also offered to develop the students further. One of the goals of this military school is to standardize the JROTC programs.

What to Expect

In the long run, your child will be more responsible and will achieve his or her full academic potential. The military school also fosters discipline. Your child will further get the chance to make new friends, gain new skills and learn how to think and act proactively.

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