Rickover Naval Academy

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Location: 5900 North Glenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660

Phone: 773-534-2890

Website: http://www.rickovernaval.org/

School Overview

The Rickover Naval Academy is a college prep school that was established in 2005. It is located north of Chicago. The school serves both junior and senior students. What distinguishes this military school from the rest is its NJROTC program, which promotes discipline, leadership, problem solving, cooperation and citizenship. All these skills are infused in students from the first day to when they graduate. The goal is to prepare kids that will become leaders in the world of today.

The mission of Rickover Naval Academy is to help the cadets achieve academic excellence, become responsible and have experiences that will prepare them to be future leaders and provide a strong foundation for their future success. All applicants are welcome in Rickover Naval Academy.

What to Expect

To start with, Rickover Naval Academy will help your child achieve academic excellence. The NJROTC program will make your child more disciplined, responsible and proactive. What is more is that your child will increase his/her chances of getting in the best universities in the nation. The military school does not discriminate anyone and welcomes everybody regardless of race, disability, age, sexual orientation, national origin or religion.

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