Norwich Military College

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Location: 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT 05663
Phone: 802-485-2000

School Overview
The Norwich University Military College offers comprehensive training and education for students. It is one of the most prestigious military schools in the nation. In spite of it having a military affiliation, students are not required to choose careers in the military. Even so, by the time they are graduating, they will excel in military skills and disciplines. The military environment is offered to help students learn better and achieve academic excellence.

In addition to being a military school, the Norwich Military College focuses on developing skills that help students be competent individuals in the future. The primary goal is to nurture future leaders. Students are trained to be more responsible. Graduates become reliable government and business leaders.

What to Expect
The Norwich Military College has a student body of about 3,500. 51% of the student body is from different states. Annually, a total of 3,500 applications are received. There is an acceptance rate of 56%. International students are also accepted. 60% of the students are in the Corps of Cadets. Statistically, 58% of annual graduates receive commission in the military service. The school is in partnership with numerous countries such as Thailand and Tanzania and several trips are sponsored annually.

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