Missouri Military Academy - A Place of Friendship and Academic Excellence

Location: 204 Grand Avenue, Mexico, MO 65265
Phone: 573-581-1776 ext
Website: http://www.missourimilitaryacademy.org/

School Overview
The Missouri Military Academy is a preparatory school. It has military traditions that are focused on the development of character and leadership as well as academic excellence for boys in 6 to 12 grade. The military school offers a 360-Degree Education that nurtures academic excellence, good character, physical development, leadership and personal motivation. There is something for students in different grades and levels. The program will be rigorous enough to challenge the students and well structured to help individual students unveil their full academic potential. The graduates of this military school have been accepted in the best colleges and universities across the United States.

To ensure no student is left behind, the ratio of teacher to student in the Missouri Military Academy is 1:7. The school focus is mainly on college preparation and it is a boys’ only school. It was founded back in 1889 and nestles on 288 acres. This offers adequate room for sports, extracurricular activities and college matriculation.

What to Expect
The first thing you should expect from Missouri Military Academy is a program that is invested in military traditions. You will also make life-long friends with students from across the globe while at the same time improving your odds of getting in the best universities in the nation.


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