Military Schools for Girls and Co-ed Military Schools

The days when military schools were only for male cadets are a thing of the past. More and more military schools welcome female cadets, although there are only a few designed for girls only, and there are more mixed gender military schools. Boys and girls take classes together, but they are separated at night and for most physical training.
military school for girlsGirls take part in the same activities as boys, but they have slightly lower physical demands, based purely on their physiology. Still, they are expected to participate fully in the program. Expectations are just as high as for boys, only adapted for females.
Troubled behavior is usually associated with teenage boys, but lately there are more and more girls that become troubled teens, and that is one of the reasons parents may decide to send their daughters to a military school. Some girls choose to have a military career, which is the other reason for the increased number of female cadets.
Sending your daughter to a military school does not have to be a punishment or a discipline measure only. Female cadets can benefit in many other ways by gaining knowledge and skills that will be helpful to them later.  Additionally, they will have an insight into a military career, which gives them one more option for a future job.
Many girls do even better than boys in a co-ed military school because boys try to prove themselves and they give more importance to physical activities. Girls, however, are generally better at studying. A military education and classes at military schools are of the highest quality, and girls are often more challenged in a military boarding school than in a public school.
Female cadets in some girl military schools get a counselor or a mentor who helps them during their stay in a boarding school, as girls can have a harder time adapting to military school life. Still, a comfortable environment for girls can help then adjust and enjoy their stay in a school.
Girls who sign up for a military school education are usually confident young women who are not afraid to show their capabilities. They are rewarded for their strength in many ways. Military schools build strength and confidence and help them to achieve their goals in life, making them leaders with successful careers.
Military school is not all about drills and learning. Girls still can have time for their hobbies and extra-curricular activities, as they will have the opportunity to practice their art, play instruments and participate in sports. If you do choose to send your daughter to a military school, when she comes back, you can expect improved behavior and improvement in her academics.

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