Boys-Only Military Schools Can Have Benefits

Many parents decide to send their son to a military school, but then don’t know what school they should send him to. Parents should discuss options with their son, especially if a military education was not his idea in the first place, and then make a joint decision. This way he will have at least some say in the decision, and it is possible that he will do better if he goes where he wants. The first decision should be whether he will go to a co-ed school or  one for boys only.  Each option has some pros and some cons.
military school for boysMilitary schools for boys only may have a different program than girls-only or co-ed military schools. Boys generally have more difficult physical training, and girls and boys are often separated even on the same school grounds in co-ed schools.
Some military schools for boys only might have more attractive programs to you and your teen, and the inclusion of these programs should be a priority, even if you would prefer a co-ed school. Many schools feel more comfortable with single-sex students as they have a tradition and history of good results when working only with one gender.
It would be a shame to miss out on an opportunity to choose a better, cheaper, or closer military school simply because it is single genre. Some parents have worries associated with teen boys spending time exclusively in each other's company, and teen boys think that they will have no chance of meeting girls, but this is not true. Cadets have free weekends during which they can go out, and there are often organized dances and other social activities between schools.
Teenage boys go through various changes at about the time they usually get to high school, and girls are always on their minds. Mixed classes often result in distractions and bad grades, and in showing off and competition among boys trying to impress girls.
Some research shows that boys and girls have learning differences, due to their different brain development, as they process information and even emotion differently. They also respond differently to stress and react differently in similar situations. Trying to address these disparities can have negative effects on children’s educations and prospects.
Self-esteem is a very important part of a military education, and it can be harder to address with both genders in the same classroom. Single-gender classrooms can actually boost both sexes' self-confidence.
If you have only boys, or only girls, in one single classroom, the ability to play to the strengths of each gender disappears, which can disturb students in their studying. Even today, many boys think that girls don’t belong in the military, while there are others who are ashamed to show their inclination for some professions or hobbies, like nursing or art, in front of girls.

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