Military members need caution in choosing higher education

choosing higher educationSoldiers wanting to take advantage of their education benefits often face a daunting task when trying to decide which schools to choose. Schools are aware that soldiers have benefits and often actively recruit them whether or not they are the best option for the soldier in question. G.I. Jobs recently released its “2013 Guide to Military Friendly Schools” which lists as many as 40 schools in Wisconsin graded on financial benefits, flexibility, support, degree programs, and accreditation. Unfortunately, these guides don't exist for all states. Some schools are so aggressive with their marketing they have actually been barred from recruiting at armories. Online degree programs are often good options for students because they offer a great degree of flexibility, but flexibility isn't necessarily good for all students because some students require structure, so what is the soldier to do? Soldiers should carefully research all of their options to make sure that they will be able to transfer credits if they decide that the school they have chosen is not the best one for them, and they should also consult with their military education services officer.



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