Military Leadership Academy

Location: 3342 W Griffith St, Charlotte, NC 28212

Phone: 980-343-0006


School Overview

The Military Leadership Academy is located in Charlotte in North Carolina. The school is part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. It currently has a student body of 388 students.

The military school serves students in grades 6 to 11. The first students were admitted in 1st July 2008 and ever since, the school has served more than 133,829 students. In spite of the school being a coed military school, the larger population of the student body is male; approximately 65.5%.

Though the Military Leadership Academy is considered a military school, it does not use the boot camp style used by most schools in the same category. This military academy is dedicated to developing the right skills to help students excel in a range of situations both in the normal and professional life. The ratio of students to teacher is 10:4. This guarantees superior support that helps every student excel in every field.

What to Expect

The Military Leadership Academy uses the traditional semester schedules. It has a graduation rate of 66.2%. The students are all eligible to participate in the various programs provided by school such as the Title I Program. There is reduced as well as free lunch available in the school. This military school will help your child develop his or her leadership skills and achieve academic excellence.

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