Marmion Academy

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Location: 1000 Butterfield Road, Aurora, IL 60502
Phone: 630-897-6936

School Overview
The Marmion Academy is for students in grades 9 to 12. The school has a student body of 525 students and a teacher to student ratio of 1:8. The school was founded back in 1933 and is associated with the Roman Catholic Marmion Abbey.

The military school is administered by the Benedictine monks. It operates as a college preparatory school for boys. Since it was founded, it has lived up to its ideals of leadership development, spiritual formation and academic excellence.

The standard courses are English, mathematics and science. In addition to that, students are required to excel in a theology course each year. Students can also enroll in the Honors classes. Advanced Placement programs are also available. Moreover, special enrollment is required for the Senior Honors Thesis.

What to Expect
Enrolling in the JROTC is not a requirement for all students. Additionally, students enrolling in the JROTC are not required to join the military upon graduation. There are also numerous sports programs that students can enroll in among them wrestling, golf, soccer, baseball, football, track & field and swimming. Applicants should complete their applications after September 1st for admission in the next academic year. An application fee of $50 is required.

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