Lyman Ward Military Academy

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Location: 174 Ward Circle, P.O. Box Drawer 550, Camp Hill, Alabama 36850

Phone: 1-800-798-9151


School Overview

The Lyman Ward Military Academy is a private military school located in Camp Hill, Alabama. The school was established in 1898 and currently serves as a coed military school for students in grades 6 to 12. It has a school capacity of 120 students.

Lyman Ward Military Academy nestles on 300 acres and has 2 athletic fields, 2 five acre lakes, double tennis courts, dining hall, 3 dormitories, indoor swimming pool, rifle ranges, JROTC building, a parade field, infirmary, canteen, and a supply building. The school has a state-of-the-art library with a large auditorium and a technology center. The military school accepts students in middle school to high school. It doubles as a college preparatory school.

What to Expect

Lyman Ward Military Academy uses the Semester System with 7 courses per year for the normal students. The class periods last for 90 minutes; this allows for class work, review and discussions. All the students are required to have 4 years of Math, English, Science and History. The rest of the courses are offered simply as electives. Annually, it is possible for students to earn up to 8 credits. Before graduating, a student is required to have at least 24 credits.

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