Kenosha Military Academy

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Location: 6800 60th Street, Kenosha, WI 53144
Phone: 262-359-8700

School Overview
The Kenosha Military Academy is a comprehensive public high school. Along with the traditional high school settings, the school is divided into 4 separate academies. The four academies are composed of:
•    Biotech and Environmental Studies Academy •    Communications Academy •    Business and International Studies Academy •    Kenosha Military Academy

The specialized academies enroll an average of 900 students. In the Kenosha Military Academy, students are required to participate in the JROTC training. The 4 years classes are sponsored by the US army and are known as the Leadership Education & Training Classes. The classes provide the students with qualities of leadership, teamwork, physical fitness, character building and citizenship. Students in the Kenosha Military Academy also get priority when it comes to consideration for the ROTC scholarships.

What to Expect
Students in the Kenosha Military Academy get free Class A Army uniforms. Graduates also have an upper hand when pursuing careers in the government, military or law enforcement. The school prepares the students to be critical thinkers, future leaders and also helps them enjoy learning. Participating in physical training is required for all students. Today, the military school is considered the best for its JROTC program in Wisconsin.

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