A Fulfulling Career as a J-ROTC

If you are a young U.S. citizen and have always wanted to pursue a career in the military, the government funded Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (J-ROTC) is a program worth pursuing. This high school program is sponsored under the Federal program of the United States Armed Forces and can be undertaken in select military institutions anywhere in the U.S. The program was established after the First World War under the National Defense Act of 1916. It was later expanded in 1964 under the Reserve Officers’ Training Vitalization Act.

Community Success

Many of those who undertake this program often contribute to the success of many young people and different communities in America. Many of the young people who have gone through the training program have received valuable skills such as good patriotic citizenship, vital leadership skills and involvement in community related development projects.

The youths who have often desired to improve on grades and acquire with impressive graduation ratings have taken up this program to help them achieve that. They have also acquired a high level commitment to community services events and activities, with a meaningful contribution to the society than those who have not taken up this program.

The Best For A Parent

Parents who want the best for their kids in terms of good performance at school and at in community activities have also taken cue in enrolling their youngsters for J-ROTC programs. The advantage to the parent is that they do not incur any expenses as this is be catered for by the federal government. The other advantage is that their kids remain preoccupied with the training that will mould them into productive members of the community.

Instilling Responsibility To The Nation

Tens of thousands of American school kids attend to such programs, and this is an acknowledgment of the usefulness of the program in developing leadership, good character and instilling in them, vital civic responsibilities and service to the nation. The training is offered by dedicated staff, instructors, administrators and the communities within which such training programs take place. The instructors are professionally trained to deliver meaningful instructions to the students on this program. The largest J-ROTC program is carried out in Chicago Public Schools although the same programs can be carried out elsewhere in the United States.

Students on this program are involved in an array of personally and socially beneficial events like field trips, summer camp, sporting challenge, leadership camp, national and local drill competitions and many others.




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