Joining a Military Boarding School – Pros and Cons

One of the popular ways parents use to discipline their child is sending them to a military school. This step should be seriously considered, because military schools can have great results for a teen, but there can also be negative consequences.  Thus, parents should consider some alternatives before they send their teen to a military school for the wrong reason. There are several advantages and disadvantages to a military school education.

military schoolsTeens who attend military school need to be disciplined. Being away from home, they are independent from their parents, which is a test of their responsibility and emotional stability. Still, they are not on their own, as military schools help them develop stronger characters. Some of the main values military school teach their cadets are self-discipline and self-confidence.

Military schools can teach a teen other helpful values, too, like leadership and teamwork, which will help them in a military or any other career. Many teens, after getting an inside look at military life, choose a military job and build a successful military career, regardless of whether they become soldiers on the front lines or become experts in other fields, like science, medical, or engineering.

Academic knowledge is not neglected in military schools. In fact, it is equally as important as physical drills. Many students improve their grades thanks to the military educational programs. These schools can’t help children with mental and learning disabilities, but they can indeed help clever but lazy students.

Of course, some students and their parents also see disadvantages of military boarding schools. Close knit families may have trouble adjusting to a situation in which their teen is away from home. Spoiled kids may also find it hard to go away from home for such a long period.

Troubled teens are not welcome in any military school. They will often get in trouble, gaining penalties and punishments, which may include more physical exercise or physical labor, or staying in a dorm while his/her classmates go out. Troubled teens who disrespect seniors and don’t follow their orders can even get expelled.

Going away to a military boarding school might interfere with some of your teen’s plans, like getting a part time job for extra money, or participating in his usual social activities.

Many teens can’t accept a new lifestyle and go through a lot of stress, resulting in some even dropping out of military school. It is a waste of time, and waste of money. Military school education costs money, and not every family can’t afford it, and not every teen is a suitable candidate for a scholarship.

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