Howe Military School

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Location: 5755 North State Road 9, Howe, Indiana 46746

Phone: 260-562-2131


School Overview

Howe Military School is a private, coed and college preparatory boarding school. It is located on a 100 acre campus in the Northeast side of Indiana. This military boarding school serves students in grades 6 to 12. It was established in 1884 as Grammar School but was later renamed The Howe School. Thereafter, the school became a military school in 1895 and was fully coeducational in 1988.

Howe Military School has a faculty of 25 and an average class size of 8. The maximum enrollment is 98 and the ratio of student to teacher is 8:1. The school has a religious affiliation with the Episcopal Church. Since it was established in 1884, this school has been upholding its ideals of preparing global leaders. The school still remains to be among the top military schools in the nation.

What to Expect

After enrolling, you can be guaranteed of a personalized support from the faculty. The small student to teacher ratio gives adequate room for personalized attention. The school further upholds all the ideals of a military school. You can hence expect your child to be more honest, respectable and dependable in the society.

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