Franklin Military Academy

Location: 701 North 37th Street, Richmond, VA 23223

Phone: 804-780-8526


School Overview

The Franklin Military Academy was established back in 1980. It is a coed secondary school within Richmond City Public School District. This was the first public military school the US. It uses a military style to prepare the students for academic excellence and professionalism in their future.

In addition to using a military model in education, the school further hosts a public safety program that matches the programs used by firefighters and police. Students are also required to participate in numerous sports which include track, football, baseball and basketball. There is also a course dedicated to military science. Students can also choose from elective courses which include art, chorus, Spanish, business & information technology and band.

The students of Franklin Military Academy have earned great scholarship money as well as recognition. In 2012, two students were named the 2012 Gates Millennium Scholarship.

What to Expect

To apply to Franklin Military Academy, students are required to complete an application to the guidance counselor in their school. The guidance counselor then sends the application along with supplemental materials to the academy for consideration. The acceptance decision is based on multiple factors such as guidance counselor and teacher recommendations, academic history and the disciplinary record of the applicant.

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