Finding the Right Military Boarding School for Your Troubled Teen

Military schools have become quite popular among parents of troubled teens.  Parents have high hopes that strict discipline and being forced to work as a team will help change their child around.

In many cases military schools do just that.  They equip a teenager with the skills they need for survival, respect for others, and teamwork.  There are two basic types of military schools: ones that take troubled teenagers, and ones that do not.  If your child has more than just a behavior problem or if your child has some special needs you may want to consider some of the other types of boarding schools.

Military schools that accept struggling teenagers are quite expensive.  The prices of each school vary, but the average cost is between $25,000 and $30,000 per school year.  That is a total for 9 months.

If a parent can’t pay the total upfront they may be offered a monthly payment plan.  That payment plan usually costs extra.  Just to be a part of the payment plan you can expect to tag on another $600.  So basically, you can expect to pay about $3,000 per month.  You must also consider the added costs of uniforms and personal items.  You need to add on an additional $1,800 to cover these costs.

Boarding schools for troubled teens should also be considered, especially if the child has moderate to severe behavioral issues.  These boarding schools specialize in helping children deal with their problems by getting at the root of the problem.  In addition to all of the academic requirements, students will also be required to attend therapy.

Therapy will be provided individually as well as in a group setting.  Attending a boarding school will still teach a child how to deal with schedules, following authority, and how to work as a team like the military schools do.  These schools just have an added program to deal with the reason the teens were sent to the school in the first place.

Boarding schools also are not cheap.  In fact they are more expensive than military schools because they have the added element of dealing with medical and psychological issues.  Parents can expect to pay around $6,200 per month.  On top of that there is a $2,200 enrollment fee.

If your child suffers from ADHD you can enroll them in a boarding school called Stone Mountain School.  This is a good choice for teens suffering from this condition because the school specializes in it.  You can be sure that the staff is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and how to help teens overcome it.

Teens will have to work on academics of course, but will also get the chance to work on any emotional or behavioral issues they may have as a result of ADHD.  Teens will learn how to control their anger, improve on their social skills, be respectful to others, and how to become responsible adults.

This school is not much cheaper than the average boarding school for teens with moderate to severe behavioral issues.  The tuition is $5,800 per month with an enrollment fee of $2,500.  The enrollment fee, however, does include everything else the child will need during their stay at Stone Mountain School.

It includes school uniforms, school supplies, camping equipment, and any personal items that might be needed.  That means you don’t need to worry about sending toothpaste or shampoo, and you don’t have to worry about what they will wear.

There are also boarding schools for teens with special needs.  These would be children with learning disabilities and developmental delays.  Special needs kids need extra care and nurturing.   They also require medical assistance and several different forms of therapy.

Some teens need 24 hour a day care which they would not get at a normal boarding school or military school.  Devereux GlenHolme is a boarding school for special needs teens.  The school costs $300 per day.  That comes out to $27, 375 per quarter and $109,500 per year.

There are also personal fees for the teen of $20 per month and the parents must maintain $500 in an emergency fund at all times.  These figures may seem outrageous, but almost no family pays for the entire amount.

Special needs teens are entitled to funds from many different agencies. One such agency is called the Department of Developmental Disabilities or DDD for short.  Money can also be obtained in many cases from the Board of Education.  Any leftover financial responsibility would fall on the parents of the teen and their family.

In many cases your financial status does not affect whether you can afford the school or not.  Some agencies cover the whole expense making it possible for low income families to utilize the school as well.

Special needs students will learn to become more independent in a boarding school and they will progress in their skills more rapidly than at home.  This is because the school has plenty of intense programs and is focused on helping your child 24 hours per day.

Each of these schools has the ability to help a teenager grow and mature into an adult that can function in society and contribute to it.  Finding the right boarding school for your child should be based on their individual needs or behavioral issues.

If your child could fit in to one or more of the above school categories you may want to plan a trip to check out the schools and meet with the staff.  You would also be able to discuss payment arrangements and financial aid options in a more personal manner.

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