Environment and Program in Girl’s Military Schools

The program for girls who attend military schools is more demanding and challenging than that of a typical public school. For some girls, this is exactly the reason they applied to military school, while for others it presents some difficulties. For all girls, though, military school is a place of opportunity and self-improvement, with fewer distraction and more prospects.

military academy for girls

Military schools are not designed for troubled teen girls; there are other places for them. It is the case, though, that military schools will improve discipline of their female cadets as long as they don’t struggle against it. Schools won’t force discipline and knowledge on anyone who doesn’t want it, and troubled teens can easily get expelled.

Furthermore, most schools won’t accept girls who have a history of violent behavior and/or substance abuse, as they need special treatment and counseling which military schools don’t offer. Girls with a history of mild problems can be accepted, as it is likely they just need positive discipline, which is one of the specialties of  military schools for girls.

Military schools for girls have the same classes as in a regular school, like math, science, and history, just usually on a more challenging level. Girls are put in smaller classes, which is one positive aspect of military school . Advanced students can take additional and optional classes, as well as join clubs and practice art or play instruments. The academic record established by these schools is excellent.

Further, girls are always supervised and controlled in a safe environment. Military school for girls are good places to separate your child from substance abuse and other problems teens can get into,such as promiscuity and truancy. Girls are not totally isolated, as they can have weekends off-campus, access to the Internet,and particpate in organized social events between different schools.

Girls wear uniforms, so there is no fashion competition or distraction. Uniforms can also help in building discipline and responsibility, as the students are responsible for taking care of their uniforms. In military schools for girls, there are female teachers and senior students who act as examples to young women, serving as true role models, rather than the false role models many girls make of movie stars and singers.

Girls are not spared from physical training, either. Military drills and exercises are part of the everyday routine. They are adapted for female bodies, but girls have to go through the whole program, just like boys. Girls have to be in a good physical condition and have to master all military drills. For this reason, the girls’ health is very important in military schools. They are provided with healthy food, fruits, and vitamins to help ensure they can derive maximum benefit from their military school experience.

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