Culver Military Academy

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Location: Culver, IN, USA


School Overview

The Culver Military Academy falls in the list of Culver Academies. The Culver Academies is a group of college preparatory boarding schools located in the US. The group is made up of 3 entities: the Culver Military Academy, Culver Summer Schools & Campus, and Culver Girls Academy. All these are located in Culver, Indiana.

The Culver Military Academy was founded back in 1894 by Henry Harrison Culver. The idea behind founding this military school was to prepare young men for the best colleges in the nation, businesses of America and scientific schools. The school has been a coeducational college prep school since 1971 when the Culver Girls Academy was formed. Today, Culver is among the largest boarding schools in the Nation. It has over 785 students and an endowment of more than $380 million.

In addition to academic excellence, Culver Military Academy is known for its remarkable facilities and athletics. The school offers a range of athletic programs as well as sports teams. The hockey team is the most successful sport.

What to Expect

After enrolling in Culver Military Academy, you can be guaranteed of being selected in the best colleges in the nation. The facilities, which include the Steinbrenner Performing Arts Center, will also amaze you.

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