Choosing a Branch for a Military Career after Academy

When cadets decide to choose a military career, the questions of the particular job they will do in the service and which military branch they will choose remain. Some teens have always known where they belong, but usually cadets are not quite familiar with all advantages and disadvantages of a specific branch of the military. For some cadets, the branch does not matter as long as they can have the job they want, as different branches can have the same job descriptions. However, all cadets should still research the differences in the different arms of the military, as there may be some dissimilarities in the various jobs.

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First, as a cadet you should review all military branches, even those you think you are not interested in, for comparison purposes. Sometimes, eliminating each of them one at a time will help you arrive at a decision. In other words, if you don’t know for sure which branch of the military interests you most, begin by eliminating those that interest you the least.

Do detailed research. You might find some facts you were unaware of. Be sure to learn everything about a branch, and all the differences between them, before you exclude one. Check any information you hear from someone; don’t disregard one branch or a job based on what someone else has told you.

You can start with brochures, but don’t let them be your only source, as they provide only basic information. Visit some websites and read some blogs, and meet with academy stuff in person. Gather as much information as you can, because this will be your job, affecting not onlyyour career, but also your whole life style.

You have to know yourself. Know what you really want in life, and plan how to achieve your goals. Consider what job in which military branch will be most helpful in getting you where you want to go. Also, talk to the people who know you best, like your family. This conversation can be helpful, as they can point out some things about yourself that you may have overlooked.

Sometimes, a military career may demand more than you expected. Ask yourself how disciplined you are and how well you follow your goals. Can you do your best, and try even harder when it is required?

Know your weaknesses and work on improving yourself. Perhaps you think that one branch is perfect for you, but are you a good fit for it? Do you have all that takes to build a career in that military branch?

Every branch will offer its potential opportunities. List all that you know of and compare them to see which branch can offer the most to you. Decide what is most important to you, doing a job that you really like or doing a job in a branch where it will be easiest for you to get higher ranks and build a successful career.

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