Camden Military Academy – Developing The Whole Man

Location: 520 Hwy 1 North, Camden, SC 29020

Phone: 800-948-6291


School Overview

Camden Military Academy is a military school that serves boys in grades 7 to 12. The school focuses on instilling self-confidence, leadership skills, and preparing young men for the future. This school is not a reform school, but a boys’ college preparatory school that is focused on helping young men succeed in the classroom and life in general. The typical cadet in this military school is the student that has not been working up to his full potential.

Camden Military Academy offers high quality education which combines military principles to give structure, self-discipline, and organization in young men. This school is for the underachiever, the poor time manager, and the child that lacks self-confidence. It will help get rid of laziness, instill respect, and promote success. Students with mild learning challenges such as ADHD and ADD are welcome.

What to expect

Camden Military Academy is non-denominational. The ratio of teacher to student is 1:7 with a school capacity of 300 students. The philosophy of this school is to develop the “whole man” so that he is not only prepared academically, but also physically, morally, and emotionally.

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