California Military Institute

alt ratio-1x1 Location: 755 North A Street, Perris, CA 92570
Phone: 951-943-6369

School Overview
The California Military Institute serves students in grades 7 to 12. It is located in Perris, California and operates as a public coed school and has a military environment. As a military school, the school strives to create an environment that nurtures personal as well as team development. The school is also known for academic excellence and it also encourages students who want to excel in athletics.

Being a public military school, the California Military Institute does not have strict enrollment requirements. Concerns are mainly on age and behavior. The lunch program is supplemented by the state up to 85% of the school’s student body.

In spite of California Military Institute being a military school, the students are not required to enroll in military service upon graduation. However, the students must wear military uniforms. The uniform is provided free of charge by the school.

What to Expect
As a military school, you should expect to be engaged in drills, training, exercises and displays for the audiences throughout your time at California Military Institute. The admission process is not restrictive but uses more of a first come, first serve policy. The school also offers a range of sporting activities among them soccer, football, and baseball. There is a spot for cheerleaders too.

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