Air Force Academy High School

Location: 3630 South Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60609
Phone: 773-535-1590

School Overview
The Air Force Academy High School is a charter school that is also part of the Chicago Public Schools system. The school is located in Chicago and educates students in grades 9 to 12. Currently, it has a capacity of 380 students and a teacher to student ratio of 1:18. The main focus of the school is on science, physics and mathematics.

As a military school, the Air Force Academy High School follows the program of the US Air Force and requires students to wear uniforms daily. The enrollment is open to applicants in the Chicago area. However, to be selected, an applicant must demonstrate good test scores and academic standing. Annually, the school receives an average of 800 applications but only 150 are selected.

Academic wise, the students in the Air Force Academy High School study traditional subjects and adhere to the requirements set by the Chicago Public Schools system. This military school also partners with a local Adler Planetarium and seminars and classes are often attended there. The Science Fair is the biggest annual event.

What to Expect
There are many sports activities offered in this military prep school. They include volleyball, cross country and more. Civil Air Patrol for Cadets is normally offered as an after school program. Applications from transfer cadets and freshmen are also accepted in Air Force Academy High School. However, the applicant must be within Chicago city.

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